Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 14

Okay, this one's a bit dark. But several politicians announced this week that they will run for president...

They are all rushing          like a dank wind
to become president they are all
flattering and     flabbergasting    they are all
facile and eager to           facilitate
they are fluttering                           to the ground
like shot birds                    like birds
that have been   blasted                 with       shot
from NRA guns   you have a right we have a right
I have a right      to bear arms       and to
use them by god on         anybody who steps
on my porch another                      color
any kind of other              and they are rushing
to tell me that’s okay in fact anything I want
to do is probably okay          because         
I                             am                                       free
they are rushing they are all          dank wind

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