Monday, May 13, 2013

May 13

Some nice Paris surprises:

  • The New Orleans Jazz band outside the Metro at the church of Saint Germain des Pres.
  • Bullfrogs in Monet's Garden--they are as loud as a flock of geese!
  • The breathtaking windows in the upper chapel of La Sainte Chapelle--in that space, even an atheist might say, "Oh. Maybe there is a God..."
  • A concert in this very chapel, which has the clearest acoustics I've ever heard--the traffic out in the street sounded like gusts of wind.
  • Croissants, like nothing we have here. And hard, unsalted butter.
  •  Coming upon a Latin mass in St Severin on Ascension Thursday. The priest faced the altar and mumbled everything in Latin, except for the excessively long sermon in French. The organ and the organist were superb.
  •  A Chagall exhibit in the Luxembourg Garden Museum.
  • The tapestries in the Musee Cluny, just up the street from the hotel.

Final step count: 122,901
Translated to miles: 57.76


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